torsdag 13 december 2012

onsdag 5 december 2012

Studies of light # 2

The continuation of the studies of light that I am doing from my window. 


 STORYBOARD for Kiss-tag

This is the storyboard that I did for the animated opening sequence of Puss-jage.

torsdag 29 november 2012


Here are two illustration that I did for the short film "Tronländaren". 

Christmas special

This is an illustrated image sequence that I have created for a pilot for a Christmas special produced by Tant Sara. It tells the back-story of a magic flute that the gnomes and trolls in the story are fighting over.

söndag 11 november 2012


These are the last of the series of fantasy illustrations and designs that I have 
created for the pilot for a christmas special.

måndag 8 oktober 2012


Illustration of trolls that have turned into stones and trees based on a Swedish folktale. 
I made the illustration for a pilot that I'm working on at the moment.

söndag 9 september 2012

Puss-jage (Kiss-tag) animation

These are two animated clips that I did fro my short film Puss-jage (Kiss-tag). 

The first clip is the intro of the film and takes part in Saudi Arabia.

This second clip is in the middle of the film and takes part in Sweden. One of the kids in the class explains the rules of the game kiss-tag and her words are illustrated by animation done in a Nintendo 8 bits style.

fredag 7 september 2012

Color script

Color script Kiss-tag.

The story of Puss-jage (Kiss-tag) is about 9 year old Signe who moves with her mum from Saudi Arabia, where her dad works, to Sweden where she has a hard time to fit in.
The world of Saudi Arabia consist of warm and bright colors and is animated while the Swedish world is liveaction and consists of cold, midtone colors.

Color script Summer Dream

Summer Dream is about Maj-Britt, an old woman who's friends are now dead and she spends her days  alone in her apartment. On her birthday an angel disguise as a nurse grants Maj-Britt her wish to be young for a day. 
I used dark and dirty yellows and greens to make the apartment seam suffocating, while the outside world is bright with saturated colors.

torsdag 6 september 2012


Illustrations and concept designs for a pilot I'm working on.


These are some illustrations and character designs that I am creating for a pilot.